St. Victor Diaries

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Vic does not consider himself a painter or a fine artist per-se. He guesses he is more of an illustrator and his path, it seems, is one of telling stories of his journey, along with the speed-bumps, the ditches, the hilltops and briar patches through these images. It’s a path he fought against, but life has a way of forcing your gaze in the direction intended and then kicking your butt out of the nest and all along its majestic and potholed road. Once he came to accept his calling, he realized he was not the only one on this journey and that there are many of us face-planting our way towards enlightenment.

I have the pleasure of working with Vic on a number of projects and he is a ridiculously talented and high spirited talent, whom I also call friend.

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Client: WR Group, Inc


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