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  • Tyler Bel
    Tyler Bel Vision Director

    Tyler Bel, an early technology adopter, grew up as a visual and performing artist who always knew that she would end up working with digital leaders and innovators as well as the entertainment industry. Her drive and discipline first led her to join the Marine Corps after college, where she pursued foreign language and communications. After her tour, she went on to use her newly honed skills in the most creative ways she saw possible: sales, marketing and advertising. Her ability to effectively convince and influence buyers and consumers led her to Portland, OR, where she found her initial niche working in Broadcast Television.

    Tyler saw opportunities where many did not, and found that her creativity and passion for business development led to a position as Executive TV Producer. Soon enough, her energy and initiative led her to branch away from traditional models and launch her own agency.

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    Coming Soon
    • Joe Navas
      Joe Navas Managing Director

      Joseph Navas brings over 25 years of operational and management experience as a serial entrepreneur, with a number of successful start-ups in the Health Club Market and Internet Technology Sectors.

      In 2001 he brought traditional media and business management experience to an emerging Web Technology Company, tripling ad revenues for member driven sites in his first year by leveraging an extensive affiliate marketing network and managing millions of opt-in subscribers email campaigns with a well-coordinated sales team.

      He has been at the forefront of Internet Marketing and Web Development strategies for fifteen years, lobbying companies to adopt new technologies as a requirement to compete in this highly competitive digital marketplace.

      Now, …if he can just remember where he put his glasses…


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