If You Build it, They Will Come

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Building a website is not enough, it must also rank well in search results for searchers to find it. Otherwise, you have erected a beautiful web site and placed it in the middle of the virtual internet desert where there is little to no visitor traffic.

You want your web design to make a statement on the web. Compared to brick and mortar location, even the most expensive custom web design project is a bargain. No long term lease, no demolition costs, parking issues, city permits, utilities, fixtures, furnishings, or bad neighbors. A well designed website is a world class endurance Sales Representative of your business. Groomed and dressed to your specifications, always on call 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, impervious to weather, infinitely customizable, inexpensive to maintain, without breaks, vacation, or sick days. It is your customized representative, design influence by and for you, representing your goods, services and brand on the web.

Sounds to good to be true? Depends on who designs and builds your web site. A web site is exactly like an old Western Movie lot with the fake storefronts. From a street view no one can tell if there is substance behind the storefront facade. And yet, MOST of the value resides there, as opposed to the home page storefront most people see. The home page storefront is critical to getting customers to enter your store or site, however without the substance behind the facade that includes SEO design elements, relevant keyword driven content, responsive design (mobile friendly), good navigation, quick loading pages and a multitude of other essential elements required for a solid web development project, you may end up with a beautiful online store that no one will ever find.

Why will no one find a poorly designed web site? The short answer, Google Search Algorithms. The long answer is much too lengthy and technical to go into in this short article. However I will give you some important elements to consider before setting out to build your site:

You don’t know what you don’t know, and learning curve can be expensive not just in dollars, but in time delays.
Good Web Design is complex. Just like a home, get an architect and a contractor if you plan to live in it for long.
SEO principles need to be in place BE-fore you write the content. Otherwise it’s like driving without a destination, fixing it later will be far more costly.
Well designed sites are not that expensive. Really. Whereas a poorly designed site may result in complete business failure.
Aggressive online marketing strategies directed at a poorly designed site is like gassing up a car without a gas tank. Unable to convert visitors to sales or leads.

A good designer can help you translate your vision into successful presence on the web. Next article we will discuss how much to spend, and what qualifications to look for in a web developer.

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